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Healing is your birthright.
Birth is the sacred portal.
Mothering is the path.

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I'm Yolande Norris-Clark

Spell-Breaker  | Way-Shower  | De-Programmer | Trail Guide

My world is the holographic one in which wild pregnancy, freebirth, motherhood, self-healing, and Source mirror, intersect and interplay.

I work with core thought-forms, stories, neuro-plasticity, invocation, and the principles of the Germanic Health Framework.

I’m here to share the self-actualizing power of belief, and I’m committed to supporting you in becoming the catalyst for your own transformation.

About Yolande


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Birth Balm with Yolande Norris-Clark is a show that touches on self-healing, politics, motherhood, womanhood, spirituality, youth, aging, beauty, midwifery and parenting, with the intention to not only inspire critical thought, but to provide a balm for the soul.

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"Portal: The Art of Choosing Orgasmic,
Pain-Free, Blissful Birth"

“Portal” is not just about birth, or pain (or the absence of pain) during birth. It’s part memoir, part philosophical treatise, part theological discourse. It deals with the subject of God, quantum physics, faith, love, religion, sex, mothering, and the nature of power and of existence itself, offering a roadmap for an experience of birth (and of life) imbued with joy and integrity.

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Keys to Choosing Pain-Free Orgasmic Birth

Imagine having the power to choose a birth experience that is peaceful, ecstatic, and truly pain-free. You do. Join the PORTAL, and I’ll show you how.


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An online community of women dedicated to exploring the transformational possibilities of birth, mothering, and self-healing outside of the mainstream allopathic models.

Join the sisterhood to learn about the physiology, psychology, and spirituality of birth, mothering, healing, and beyond, through our virtual forum and weekly *Live* calls with Yolande.



Join Yolande for her "Salon" series - short workshops on issues pertinent to women, mothers, and families navigating a changing world. 

Although there are no upcoming Salons scheduled at this time while Yolande is devoting her time more fully to her writing and new course creation, you can browse all past Salons and purchase instant, lifetime access below.





Complete Guide to Freebirth

The most comprehensive in-depth online childbirth education program available.


Through the Veil

Join Yolande on an intimate journey through the third trimester and birth of her 7th baby, including the incredible full birth documentary.


The RBK School

The Radical Birth Keeper School is the world’s premiere radical, independent, authentic, online midwifery education program.


Praise from Past Clients

I am so grateful to Yolande for her teachings, and her support throughout my pregnancy. I gave birth to my first baby at home four months ago, and I felt so well-prepared. It was magical, and I felt no pain, just expansion and bliss!


The moment I met Yolande, I knew I wanted her to be my guide through my pregnancy and birth. Her support is warm, loving, and truthful. I am beyond grateful, and I can't recommend her highly enough.


I reached out to Yolande when I was at a crisis point as a mom, and her coaching was invaluable. She helped me see the places in my life where I was deferring responsibility and losing power, and gave me tools to step up as a much gentler, more centred and joyful mother. Thank you, Yo.