Yolande Norris-Clark



In 2021, after 20 years of working in birth, witnessing births, and supporting women as they cross the threshold into motherhood, I gave birth to my 9th baby.

During that birth, I discovered the most potent teaching that life has presented to me thus far:

Birth is not designed to be a struggle.

Birth doesn’t have to be hard.

Birth isn’t created to be painful.


Birth is The Portal to the highest levels of orgasmic bliss available.

And most importantly,

Every woman has the power to choose it.


In this FREE Workshop, I share some of the story of how I shifted my consciousness to allow for the birth to my ninth baby (a 4-day long birth!) to occur in a state of total psychedelic ecstasy, even after eight previous glorious but excruciating births, along with some key ideas that will help you do the same.