Hello, I’m Yolande. I was born in Vancouver, BC. I gave birth to my first baby at age 20, and since then, I’ve dedicated myself to dispelling the myth that childbirth is an ordeal from which we must be “delivered,” and celebrating birth as the catalyst that it is: for insight, self-love, healing, and spiritual evolution. 


My first two children were born at home in B.C., my six subsequent babies were born freely in New Brunswick, with the support of my beloved husband, and our youngest child was born blissfully on a warm evening in December, in the jungles of Central America while his older siblings climbed trees in the moonlight.


My deepest commitment is to medical freedom, bodily autonomy, and energetic sovereignty, and I’m devoted to my own growth and self-development through birth, motherhood, and joy. One of my most ardent passions is holding women as they embark on an exploration of their own capacity for multi-dimensional knowing, resonance, recovery, and transformation through the interrogation of belief and deep embodiment.


Over the years, threaded through my career in birth, I’ve taught piano, exhibited my ceramic art across Canada and internationally, worked as a pottery instructor, done corporate and boutique editing and copywriting, and studied English Literature and Critical Theory at the academic level (I’m a thesis away from completing a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, which I have no intention whatsoever of finishing). 


I have no formal medical or midwifery qualifications, and I’m grateful for the unlearning I have avoided having to undergo in that respect. This has been confirmed by the numerous licensed and formerly-licensed nurses, registered midwives, and medical doctors who have sought out my tutelage as students of the Radical Birth Keeper School (the brilliant midwifery program that my dearest friend and colleague Emilee Saldaya and I developed together).


The various certifications in coaching, health-consulting, and movement I have accrued, are secondary to my lived experience as a mother, a guide, and a birth-witness in service to the world I love. 


Over the years, birthwork has increasingly dovetailed with my interest in nutrition, health, movement, and energetic healing. Informed by my own experiences of successfully healing myself from wildly disordered eating, compulsive behaviours & habits, kidney infections, chronic digestive issues, and pelvic lattice prolapse (all without allopathy or alternative treatments) I have embarked on a formal study of frequency naturopathics and the Germanic Healing Framework. While I use Hamer’s proven scientific theories as a lens and reference point for beginning the unravelling that is the restoration of health, the methodology is cosmic, universal, individual, spirit-led, quantum, improvisational…and simple. 


I also work with women who are struggling to convey their unique essence through the copy and brand messaging of their birth businesses. I absolutely adore shepherding women with gentle rigour through the process of discovering exactly how to transmit the energetic nucleus of their singular gifts, with ardor and ease. 


At this time, my 1:1 mentorship is full, and any rare openings I do have will be first offered to past clients and students, and those who have been patiently standing by on a waiting list. If you wish to connect deeper and be in community together, consider joining The Bauhauswife Birth Circle , an intimate space for radical women where you can receive not only my personal feedback and insight, but a supportive community, in addition to participating in the 3 monthly calls I lead.  


Although I am increasingly embracing a season of family, retreat, and hermitage, I’m occasionally willing to be a guest on podcasts that harmonize with my values and worldview. Please reach out to [email protected] to inquire as to my availability. 


Due to the number of messages I receive, I’m not able to respond to personal messages, but feel free to contact [email protected] with questions about my programs and offerings.