Positioning & Shoulder Dystocia:

Positioning Is Not A Pathology

Yolande Norris-Clark


The positioning of our babies in the womb, and the perception of shoulder dystocia are two of the most widely misunderstood issues in the world of birth.


Throughout pregnancy, mothers and midwives are imbued with fear about a babies’ position, which has given rise to a veritable industry of practitioners and programs that purport to assist women in “optimally” repositioning their babies.


Is this really necessary? Or is this the counterproductive manufacture of pathology? 


The confusion around positioning feeds into even more misunderstanding when it comes to our babies’ emergence. 


Shoulder dystocia is, absolutely, a potentially very serious situation. 


But what if what many midwives are often interpreting as shoulder dystocia, isn’t true shoulder dystocia at all, but simply totally normal births that are, as a result of the misinterpretation of shoulder dystocia, being catastrophized and even endangered?


This informational salon consists of two workshops on positioning and shoulder dystocia, including a play-by-play breakdown of a birth video that was shared publicly and viewed by almost 50,000 people (and widely discussed in the birth-world as an example of midwifery heroism).


Join acclaimed birth-activist, speaker, and writer Yolande Norris-Clark as she dismantles many of the myths surrounding positioning and shoulder dystocia, that a) keep women in a state of fear and dependency on the industrial obstetric and midwifery systems, and b) keep midwives practising from a fear-based birth-as-pathology/ midwife-as-saviour perspective. 


Whether you’re a mother preparing for a homebirth, or a midwife, doula, or birthkeeper wanting to advance your learning (and shift your belief from the mechanistic vortex of false-authority to an authentic understanding of the physiology of birth) this Salon is for you.


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Note: This is a pre-recorded salon and includes 3 hours of workshop, plus a PDF of my personal philosophy on the topic of positioning & shoulder dystocia. You'll receive instant and lifetime access when you purchase.

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