Are you a newly pregnant mother,

and feeling overwhelmed by the overabundance of  (often conflicting) information out there about prenatal care and birth choices? 

Maybe you’re a midwife,

doula, or birth-attendant, looking for a community of like-minds, or perhaps you’re a homebirth maven seeking solidarity and a place to unpack your perspectives and experiences.

Whatever your journey,

the Bauhauswife Birth Circle community is a space for women to explore holistic birth choices, alternative health, and wild & wildish mothering in a container of solidarity and support.


One of the biggest risks

of choosing an “alternative” birth, whether that’s homebirth with a midwife or traditional birth attendant, water-birth, VBAC, or a freebirth, is the feeling of judgement, skepticism, and even condemnation from our friends, family and local communities. 

The fact is that most people on earth right now have experienced some degree of birth-trauma, and when we choose to courageously step outside of the norms of our clan, this can be felt by others as a judgement of their choices, rather than the reclamation of our own power that it really is.

The alienation can feel very real, and can often be very intense. But there are distinct ways to counteract and even subvert this sense of isolation. Most important among these, is community support. 

The Bauhauswife Birth Circle is a space for women to learn about birth, to build our confidence, and to change some of the entrenched beliefs that can lead us to sabotaging our births. 


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About Yolande 


I’m Yolande Norris-Clark, and I’ve been working on the radical edge of the birth-world for the past 20 years. Some have referred to me as a renegade, a rule-breaker, and an iconoclast (affectionately, and sometimes not so much), but in truth, I’m guided in this work by my deep love for mothers and babies, and a profound respect for the gorgeous, mysterious, and oh so *sensible* physiology of birth. 

In essence, what I know to be true, is that birth works (and works best) the less it’s interfered with!

Sadly, thanks to the profound degree of fear-based programming that we’re all subject to in our contemporary world when it comes to birth, very few people really have a foundational understanding of how our bodies work during birth, or of what spontaneous, holistic, physiological birth even looks like. 

My passion is sharing with other women and families the phenomenal possibility for transformation, ecstasy, and bliss that holistic birth offers, and inspiring other women to pass that message on to their communities as well. 

The Bauhauswife Birth Community is the ideal space in which to ask questions of other mothers, receive loving feedback, process emotions and feelings around birth and mothering, and to be received with love, acceptance, and sisterhood.


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Get 3 months FREE when you subscribe yearly!

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