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Healing is your birthright.
Birth is the sacred portal.
Mothering is the path.

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Welcome to The Bauhauswife Birth Circle–the exclusive private membership orbit of Yolande Norris-Clark. 


Yo is the mother of ten babies (all of whom were born at home), and she’s worked in the world of birth for over twenty years as a birth witness and consultant. 


Yolande has spent her life almost entirely outside of the industrial medical realm, growing, birthing, raising her children, healing her own wounds and dis-eases, and offering guidance and witnessing to others who are on the journey of wild birth and self-healing.


She’s also a traditional birth attendant and birth-witness of 20+ years, a teacher of authentic midwifery, a lifelong student of self-healing & the Germanic Healing Framework, and a mothering mentor.  


Yolande created The Bauhauswife Birth Circle community after realizing via the shock of the collective [re] awakening of 2020, that the internet has been redacted so thoroughly, and society corrupted so seemingly comprehensively, that there is an urgent need for wild women to come together and share the truth of our births, bodies, and babies through story, testimony, and sisterhood, in a secure container populated by like minds. 


She also recognized that as an experienced mother, an impending elder, wisdom-keeper, wild mother, and energy medicine woman, she bears a responsibility to share her knowledge, perspectives, philosophy, and experience directly with those women who are on a similar trajectory.  

Especially in this era of surveillance, alienation, technocracy, censorship, and hyper-medicalization, it can feel profoundly isolating to be committed to experiencing the full unfolding of birth, life, and death.



The Bauhauswife Birth Circle is the intimate garden party for all those women who are on the fringes: on the outside of the institution, banished from the family reunion, exiled from academia, and diving into the unknown of self-awareness. 


It’s a community for all you outlaw midwives, blacklisted doulas, edge-skirting mothers, and any woman who can sense the cusp of awakening that we’re all verging on, in our lives and families.


We’re all yearning for support, sisterhood, resources, education, and a space within which to be unabashedly oneself, untrammeled by mainstream expectations of adhering to ritualistic wokeness, or medical authoritarianism. 


The downsides of technology are self-evident. But there are enormous benefits to the digital realm, and when we can use the tools of tech to our advantage to sow the ideas and philosophies to propagate the new earth we know we have the capacity to build for our children, we’ve hacked the game.


So many of us feel a deep need and desire for a “safe” space in which to reveal ourselves as totally outside the allopathic domain, or simply to exercise an interest in non-allopathy. 


Whether you’re an unabashed “conspiracy theorist”...or just conspiracy-curious, this is the community for you, especially if you hunger for a sense of authentic community where you can say everything, and  traverse this wild & free path with other like-minded women, without the fear of policing or silencing.


In an era of surveillance, alienation, censorship, hyper-medicalization, and technocratic change, it can feel profoundly isolating to be committed to instinct, nature, and the organic pulse of our intrinsic human beingness. 



The Bauhauswife Birth Circle offers a potent antidote to the restrictiveness and suppression of public social media spaces, and an opportunity to receive Yolande’s direct input on all things life, love, birth, mothering, relationship, and more. 


Because everything relates to birth, there is a recurring focus on birth and birth-work in this community–what we believe about birth, how we birth, how we ourselves were born–but from the foundation of birth, the topics that are covered in the space are immensely varied, and relate to every aspect of our lives as women.


This is the space to explore the full integration of birth as the holographic imprint of life in human form.

From weekly village prenatal and community calls, to explorations of non-medicalized family health and wellness, to in-depth discussions and group-coaching sessions on sexuality, relationship, and mothering, the Bauhauswife Birth Circle is a place to explore what it is to truly flourish.


This is your invitation to join Yolande and a cohort of brilliant midwives, medicine women, and healers in a virtual space like no other–a place for women dedicated to self-reclamation through embodiment, self-healing, free-birthing, and an open exploration of the inner landscape.


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 Praise for the Bauhauswife Birth Circle:


"I love that the membership is a space where if I am navigating something unfamiliar or new in my pregnancy or my mothering journey, I can go to a community of like-minded & non-judgmental women/mothers who have incredible advice. Saves me LOADS of time and fuss and overwhelm compared to googling. I’ve been able to navigate everything with much more ease in my last two years of mothering since being a part of a space like this.”

- Jennifer


“Yo possesses real brilliance, and a totally unique take on self-healing, energy medicine, and true naturopathy. She describes these issues in a way that really sets women free, and reminds us of our power. The way she integrates the topics of pregnancy, birth, mothering and self-healing is incredible.”

- Sarah


“A lot of other memberships I’ve been a part of, have  support coaches or other women leading the calls.. It’s rare you have such real access to the leader/host of the group and that’s what I really love about your space, Yo. I’m able to learn SO MUCH from you all the time - whether it’s live or through recordings.”

- Olivia

What makes the BBC different from other memberships?


  • Yo leads WEEKLY village prenatal, mothering, and community calls — giving you direct access to her as your guide in those sessions. She also hosts a special workshop or self-healing call once a month as well.
  • There are a plethora of different topics & realms to explore each month — you get to choose your own adventure.
  • Your unique perspective is welcome here — this is *not* an echo-chamber, or a cult-like space where everyone has to think/operate the same way — bring your perspective to the table and know that it’s welcome here (respectfully, of course).
  • Get access to a vast library of recordings of past calls and workshops if you missed something.
  • The community forum is always open — ask your questions, share your findings, and stay curious.
  • With the space having grown over the last 4 years, you have the option to SEARCH the forum with keywords and find past discussions that can enrich and support you in your life now.
  • ALL THE BABIES!! because we talk so much about birth in this space — there’s always a new baby or a new pregnancy announcement to make you smile.
  • Receive support from the other women in the community — you don’t have to walk this path alone.
  • The investment is an incredibly accessible $49/month (or $441 for the year, giving you 3 months free).
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