PORTAL: The Blissful Birth Code

Keys to Choosing Pain-Free Orgasmic Birth



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Are you pregnant right now, or thinking of welcoming a baby into the world?


If so, you’re probably thinking deeply about the birth process itself,  especially if this is your first baby, or if your first (or second) birth wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for.

What will it be like to give birth?

Will I make it through?

Can I handle the intensity?

What about pain? 


For every woman, birth is a journey into a landscape of the unknown.


  • If you're a new mother, you're in the enigma.
  • If you're a seasoned mother, you may be wondering what else is available to you.
  • If you're a someday-mother or a birth-worker, I promise--you want this knowledge: for your clients, and for your future-self.

Tragically, most of us have been programmed with the cellular memories of our own arrival into the world (overlaid by ancestral baggage and media messaging), 

to be afraid of birth.


At the very least, most of us see it as
something we have to battle or survive.


Why is birth not generally experienced as the exultant free-dive into the oceanic core of our being that it can be?


The fact is that the majority of humans alive on planet earth right now were literally born into fear, tension, struggle, and significant trauma.

Many of us are still recovering from religious misinterpretations of how birth works and what it does to us: the idea of birth as suffering, has been encoded into our programming.


The way we experience that supposed suffering seeps into our experience of postpartum, mothering, and beyond.


Even in the so-called “natural birth” world, birth is compared with running a marathon—a feat of endurance; an experience we have to train for, and steel ourselves to cope with.

Birth is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, they say.  And you can do it anyway.


That’s true, but it’s not the whole truth. 


My own truth is that I was blindsided  by the raw, shocking pain of birth.


I was twenty-years old, and when my baby finally came, after 50 hours of blood, sweat, and wailing, I felt elated, and destroyed.


I loved it all, but the intensity was overwhelming.  


I never wanted to acknowledge birth as “painful”, exactly...because it was so much *more* than pain. So I used the word excruciating instead. 


Through birth, I staked my claim to courage.

Birth was part-conquest, and part spiritual self-immolation. 


You’re probably feeling some tension in your body as you read this right now, so... 


Breathe in.

Then let it go.


Because birth doesn’t have to be this way at all.


Imagine having the power to choose a birth experience that is peaceful, ecstatic, and

truly pain-free. 


What if birth didn’t have to involve any resistance, struggle, agony, or “labour” of any kind, and was simply
sensual, and


What if you had access to a way of knowing birth, welcoming the surge, and experiencing every aspect of the expansion, the opening, and the emergence of your baby as the paradise that it can be?

Birth-in-bliss is available to you.


Not because you’ve been meditating for 15 years.

Not because you’re really nice all the time.

Not because you’re a super-mom.

Not because you have the right kind of personality. 

Not because you’re more spiritually aligned than any other woman. 

Not because you’ve given birth before and you know how to do it.

None of that needs to be true at all. 

Ecstatic birth is accessible to you, 

merely because it’s in your DNA. 


The ecstasy is there for you to receive; 

for you to tap into;

for you to attune to;

for you to become.



A journey through Arcadia. 


Birth as intimate communion with divine Source energy...


Birth, the supreme psychedelic journey, the  ultimate entheogen...


Birth as Eden; as pure delight...


Is yours, for the choosing.


Did you know that the origins of the word 'suffer' (from the 13th century) actually means to allow ?


My name is Yolande Norris-Clark. 

I’m the mother of ten children all of whom were born at home, and I’ve been working in the field of childbirth education, birth-witnessing, and birth-freedom activism for over 20 years. 


I’ve coached, supported, and witnessed thousands of women through their pregnancies and births. 


A handful of the births I’ve witnessed were painless and euphoric, but most were beautifully strenuous. Perfect, yes (because there is perfection in every unfolding of life, but full of exertion. So much effort. So hard.


Birth is hard. This is what I knew, and it's what I taught to my clients as true.


What I saw and lived the reality that birth is tough. It's work. It's labour. 


And...(This feels like a confession)...


Until very recently, I believed birth was intrinsically—normally—an endeavour; a battle (and I experienced it that way myself). 


I saw birth as something that I could withstand, wrestle with, and ultimately overcome.


Don’t get me wrong—I loved (and love) all of my  babies’ births. They were each exactly what I (and the child coming through) needed at the time to gain the perspective that allowed me (and them) to scale to the next level of our understanding; me in my understanding of motherhood, of my body, of God, of myself. 


But ... Ouch.


After my first 50-hour long birth process, I lay on the sofa next to the birth-pool 
with my newborn on my breast in a state of elated shock. 


My beloved friend at the time, Joanna, came over to meet my son, and I will never forget looking up at her through a veil of tears and saying 

“that was the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life.” 

I was so proud of myself for surviving—as I should have been!


I was 20 years old, and that first baby initiated me into The Knowing that birth is a source of immense power.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to this work.


Over the years, I held space for many birthing mothers in my community while I was expanding my own family, and I saw it all (and lived it too): my first 7 homebirths births ranged from that first 50-hour long challenge, to our first daughter’s speedy 50-minute landing, to my fifth baby’s birth which was a raucous family party--so much joy as I screamed and roared my baby into the world.

I learned so much through my own experiences, and through every birth I witnessed, and what I saw largely confirmed to me that birth is:


Endurance. Defiance. 

Resilience. Exertion. 



Granted, there were a few women I supported whose births were tranquil and serene. But when I asked them to explain their technique, or their approach, some would tell me about books they had read (and I read those same books), and some would talk about meditation (and I'd done the meditations), but it still seemed that these women must have been spiritually connected in ways I didn’t have access to. 


I knew (or I thought I knew) that I couldn’t birth like that. 


 told myself the story that I just didn't have "it".


In 2019, I gave birth to my 8th baby, and that birth rocked me to my core. 


It was a descent into the underworld: dark and terrible. A torment and a passage.


I thought I was going to die.


And I did. I died to my old self, to my previous notions of risk, to my entrenched beliefs, to all I knew of safety.


I also I came through it, and so did our baby—an amazing boy who took his leisurely time to come into his body, and who taught me everything I was thirsting for in that moment. (Our beloved Iggy is now almost three years old, and he is the brightest spark and the most loving big—and little—brother ever).

His birth really shook me up though, and I was fairly sure I wouldn’t be having another child. I was in my late-thirties at the time, but more significantly, I couldn't imagine going through that voyage into the shadow realms of pain and obliteration again. 


Then in 2020, everything changed—for so many of us.










At the behest of this titanic shift, the work I had been doing all along in the realm of birth started to make sense in a way it hadn’t before. The matrix (as they say) started to make sense as well (via the overwhelm, the confusion, and the grief that we all felt).


I was gifted a glimpse into why I came here at this time, and why we’ve all been called to stake our presence on the planet now.


When I discovered I was pregnant again in March of 2020, I was thrilled…and honestly terrified. 


That ninth pregnancy, following the firewalk of my eighth birth, was intense. 


It wasn’t peaceful. Or graceful. 


I had panic attacks and breakdowns throughout, and in the midst of it, we moved our family across international borders on foot, hauling our belongings across the tarmac in suitcases. 


It was, frankly, a shitshow. 


Given my background, I am well aware that stress during pregnancy is a significant factor in how a birth will play out.


I was genuinely scared to give birth again.


I’d read all the literature. I had taken all the steps (or so I thought).

I had delved into the hypno-this, and orgasmic-that, and yet, despite my experience, I felt so tender and innocent and fearful…


I was also 40 years old—a “geriatric mother” according to the medical community–not to mention tired and very out-of-shape (in all the ways). Beyond the fear-mongering and the talk of safety and risk, the deeper fear I had about myself was the terrifying thought that friction and tension was all I could know. 



Much of my pregnancy felt like a negotiation.

Please God, just let it not be terrible.


It was wintertime in the northern hemisphere, and in our new tropical home, the rain came daily in effusive outpourings after the heat and humidity had built its wall of tension. Time seemed to slide sideways, spiralling.


I moved through an immense release, shedding layers of old beliefs, loyalties and pledges, and I found myself crafting a new commitment to the tentative sense of possibility: the possibility that maybe birth had never had to be that way at all.


My birth-season approached, fluttering at the edges of my consciousness was the whispering of something else. Something more. Maybe there's more.


I began an excavation, delving into systems, tools, modalities, and wonder if maybe there were more layers of programming to release, beyond the extensive un-learning I had done in the areas of physiology and industrial birth practises.


Where are my blind spots? Show me. I'm open.


Like never before, I initiated an investigation into my shadow, my blank-spaces, and my energetic autograph. 


Maybe there’s more.

My water broke unexpectedly one evening before Christmas.

The fear was present, but my curiosity was greater. 


I was porous and open. I swam in the ocean, made love with my husband; circling in the sea of worship and devotion.


Suddenly, in the land of the in-between, out there on my paddle-board on the pacific, I received the program, streaming in on a sunbeam.


And I got it.


It was molten lava, and it dissolved me completely. 


A monumental shift. 


Over the next four days, I danced myself into the vortex. 

I received the broadcast. 

I got what birth is: it’s a technology. 

An experience, yes, but also an activation point. 


Birth is the portal.


Beyond the arrival itself,
birth is the gateway to consciousness & cosmos,
our inherent capacity for self-healing,
and our infinite aptitude for transformation.

Birth is the aperture through which we access the clarity of what it is we are most deeply committed to.


And I committed.


Birth is the portal for being the oneness; inseparability through






There was no pain.

no struggle. 

no effort. 


There was no resistance at all.


The ritual created itself.


The ceremony was wholly architected, there, for my being to step into.

I experienced a massive graduation to the next tier in my capacity for embodiment, heartfulness, and love via ecstatic bliss. 


In simple terms, I learned—forged in the crucible of my ninth birth—that birth is not (and never was), supposed to hurt. 


This does NOT mean that there is anything wrong with you (or me) if your birth DID hurt—but what I know now is that pain is not part of the original blueprint. 

Pain is not a necessary element. Birth is not a punishment wrought by God or man.

Pain in birth is an entity that most of us pick up along the way. 

It’s a timeline whose time has come.


Not only are we, as human beings, created with the innate capacity to give birth spontaneously and physiologically, but birth is not designed to be agonizing (and it doesn’t have to be). 


There is a reason that scientists believe that the mother’s brain (as well as her baby’s) produces DMT, “the God Molecule” during the birth process.


The purpose of birth is to connect us to heaven. 


Birth is the most lavish feast of love and tenderness available. 

Birth is for melting into. 

Birth is the peak experience: not of striving, but of exquisite sensation. 

Birth is the zenith of orgasm: It’s sheer gorgeousness, and it’s made for our thriving.  


Helio—the sun, my son—is now just over two years old. 

His is the frequency of peace. 

When I placed my palm on his warm wet crown still inside my body at the culmination of his landing, I was made an initiate. At that moment of eruption I conceived this offering for you, the sisterhood of mothers waiting in the wings to bring your babies forth in the utmost faith and adoration.

All nine of my babies have been exceedingly happy and contented, but Helio is a little Buddha to the extreme of tranquility and happiness.

His birth cracked me open to an inner access to beatitude that has permeated my experience of motherhood like no other.

This transmission—Portal—is my love-letter to humanity, and to you, sweet mother.

It’s the most potent conveyance of my heart and soul, and of the message of our mutual birthright moving through me.


Since Helio's birth, I have shared these teachings with many women in my 1:1 work, and the results have been pouring in: simple, resonant, and clear as a spring:


"I finally had my orgasmic homebirth. I cannot believe it. It was so easy. Thank you, Yo" wrote Katrina.



Let me be clear: This is NOT a conventional “childbirth education course."

This is not a “birth planning guide.”


It's an energetic transfer for those who feel called to birth into a new framework of being.


Portal is not the promise of a specific outcome, but a communication from the imaginal cells of the collective knowing, and the fruit of my purpose on earth. 


Portal is an atlas of embodiment; a mystical map; a mythic playbook for shifting your awareness, and pulling at the threads that have stitched up your belief system about what birth allows, to give you an inlet for unraveling the old stories, opening your heart, body, and consciousness like a rose, shattering everything that came before, ripe for the blossoming that awaits you and your child.


 I don't hold anything back in this program. 


Come on in.




10 Lessons with 20+ Exclusive Masterclass Video Trainings

(Plus downloadable mp3 audio versions for easy listening)

Recordings are each between 25-60 minutes long.


4 Powerful Frequency-Medicine Meditations & Hypnosis Audios

Four guided hypnosis meditations recorded with frequencies for healing,  fear & pain dissolution 

The full-length documentary of Yo's eighth birth

The honest, beautiful, raw, challenging doc of that dark, epic freebirth

Exclusive access to the video of Yolande's first pain-free, blissful birth (with her 9th baby)

Witness Yo's process unfold in real time, along with her commentary.

Private Portal-Only Community

Throughout your 8 week Portal experience (and an additional 30 days beyond the last live call), you'll have access to Yolande and the other women taking the course through a private group forum hosted in Mighty Networks. This is a space for community, questions, further discussion, and anything that comes up as you're deep in the exploration & integration of the material.

6 LIVE Group Calls with Yolande

(6) 90-minute to 2-hour group calls with Yolande and the other women where you'll be able to discuss the material of Portal more in-depth in real time, ask any questions you might have, receive support, and spend time with Yolande in a connected, intimate, safe, container.

A Printable Activation Manual

A workbook for deeper integration, self-exploration, & visioning.




The Cosmology of Birth:

A Time of Transformation/Cultural Narratives of Birth, and the Energetics of Power & Desire/How we Came Here/ Frames, Frameworks, & Timelines/Birth & the Future of Human Evolution


Birth & Your Personal Story:

Victimhood, Commitment & Choice/ Desire & Self-Responsibility/ Exploring Ancestral Messaging/ Choice Points & Future-Past-Portals/ Re-scripting Lineage/ Attachment vs. Self-Ownership


Birth & God:

Spiritual Clarity through Birth/Tapping into Divine Source Energy/ Birth & Love/ Truth & Trust/The Spiritual Technology of Birth/Biblical Issues (see FAQs for more clarity on this)


Nature Essence & Birth:

The Animal Self/ Re-structuring & Absorption Through the Elements/ Solar Activation/ Authentic Movement / Optimal Movement Practice During Pregnancy


The Anatomy of Pain & Pleasure:

How Pain Works & how to work with it/ Your Pain History/ Pain Thresholds & Energy / Discharging Pain Effortlessly, Relating to Joy & Relativity/ The distinctions between the resistance, alchemy, and assumption of pain or bliss


The Psycho-Energetics of Birth:

The Technology of Surrender/ Conscious Embodiment/ Sacral Activation/ A Spiritual Dissection of “the contraction”/ Birth as Entheogen & Psychedelia / DMT Activation


The Dissolution of Fear:

Fear-Power, Fear-Artistry/ Fear as a Distinction-Invitation/ Fear as Divine Messenger/ Working with Fear During Pregnancy and as Birth unfolds, builds, breaks, and culminates


Practical Considerations:

Set & Setting / Creating the ideal Context for pain-free orgasmic birth / Self-Sabotage / Support Systems/ Observations on the pleasure-physiology connection / Dealing with older kids at birth


Tools & Guidance:

Energetic Strategy/Negotiation, & Evaporation/Invocation, Incantation, Benediction/ Prayer/ Supplication/ Guide Relationship / Working with hypnosis / Stepping into the practice



When the Waves Come/ Birthing into Being/ Sabotage / Surviving the Death of Your Past Self/ Your Magical Newborn

Praise for Yolande

Yo, your work has completely changed my life. I never knew I had the strength to give birth with such power the way I did, thank you forever for your guidance.


I was so afraid to give birth again after two very traumatic c-sections, but Yolande was so patient, kind, and gentle, I felt so held and in the end I gave birth in my bedroom so peacefully!


Yolande's work is brilliant, and her presence in my life has changed everything. She manages to combine  wisdom and grace with her delightful eccentricity, and a truly inspiring connection with spirit. What she's doing is changing the world.