Dreaming of Moving to

Costa Rica?


If you're dreaming of moving to Costa Rica, 

Join me, Yolande Norris-Clark for this multi-media seminar on my experience living in Costa Rica, and my thoughts on re-location to that country.



My husband and I and our six kids left Canada in October of 2020, and we ended up settling in Costa Rica.


We lived in Costa Rica for almost 10 months. 


Throughout that time, and today, I continuously field questions about our family’s move and about life in Central America.


More and more people are hoping to relocate to Costa Rica from Canada, Australia, the US and elsewhere, to escape the cold, instability, and increasing restrictions during this historic time of flux and transition.


Because I can’t possibly answer the overwhelming number of private messages I continue to receive on the topic,  I have created this seminar, in which I share my answers to questions like:



what you'll get

  • How/why did you finally take the leap and leave Canada?
  • Why did you end up initially choosing Costa Rica?
  • What part of Costa Rica did you end up settling in?
  • How did you find the community there?
  • Are there any Rona-related restrictions, and if so, how did those impact your life?
  • Is it expensive to live there, or more affordable than North America?
  • What should I bring with me?
  • What are the laws around plant medicine like?
  • Is Costa Rica a good place in which to seek medical freedom?
  • Did we feel safe there?
  • What is giving birth like in Costa Rica, and what are my options for birth support?
  • Is Costa Rica a good place to raise children?
  • What were some of the main challenges we experienced?
  • What is the overall political climate?
  • How easy is it to acquire residency, and what are some of the pathways to achieve that?

...and more 

I also speak specifically to why my family and I have recently left Costa Rica, and why, ultimately, we have no plans to return. 

Please Note

This seminar is for informational purposes only. I am not a lawyer, I am in no way an expert on Costa Rica, or on international relocation in general (or on anything, for that matter). I cannot guarantee that any of the information I present in this seminar is correct, especially since many governmental guidelines in Costa Rica (and everywhere) change rapidly. However, I have done my best to prepare a presentation that is as accurate as possible, and above all, I will be sharing my experience, and my opinion. 

I will also not be sharing my new location, so please don’t ask, nor am I willing to speak about anything that is unlawful, including the falsifying of documents, despite the fact that some people do indeed engage in this practice. 


Investment: $47 USD 



*Registration is non-refundable.*

About Yolande 

I’m Yolande Norris-Clark, and I’ve been working on the radical edge of the birth-world for the past 20 years. I work with women on the cusp of transformation, including birth, new motherhood, self-healing, and loss.  I’m guided by my deep love for mothers and babies, my passion for medical freedom and bodily sovereignty, and a profound respect for the gorgeous, mysterious, and oh so *sensible* physiology of birth.