Especially as we approach the precipice of birth,

the blessings (or curses) we offer ourselves through the words we invoke and allow into our consciousness have an enormous impact on how we process and integrate this core transformational experience.

Whether you’re planning a hospital birth, a homebirth with an attendant, or a free birth, I made this recording for you: to inspire you, to give you strength, and to remind you of your inherent power as you delve into the wilderness of birth, to meet your child. 

These are the mantras

I have always used to midwife myself through the underworld as I surrender to the awesome power of birth, and thousands of other women have now prepared for their pregnancies using this audio recording, many of whom have written to thank me for accompanying them on their birth journey with my voice.

And I’m offering it to you here for FREE,

as a gift in exchange for subscribing to my weekly journal, the Bauhauswife Bulletin. 


Lots of love,