P0RN Culture, TransHumanism, & Love:

Protecting Your Family's Health in an Age of Exploitation & Depravity with

Yolande Norris-Clark


Exploitative sexual programming is almost all-pervasive in our culture. From the widespread accessibility of overt p0rnography online to the normalization of hyper-sexualized content in the mainstream, to the darkest forms of occult predation, to sexual abuse in families and communities, sexual degeneracy is a co-creation with which we are all complicit on some level. 


The way we are being conditioned sexually is not just a personal or relational issue, but has everything to do with the rapacious technofascisstic and transhumanistic future our children are being ushered into us by. 


Join acclaimed birth-activist, speaker, and writer Yolande Norris-Clark in this informational salon, on Saturday, August 13th, at 3pm CST (the event *will* be recorded and sent to all those who register, even if you can't make it live).


In this Salon, Yolande will discuss her own experiences with sexual darkness and p0rnography, her years of working with clients whose relationships have been affected by p0rn and degeneracy, and how she has chosen to heal her own marriage, and protect the innocence and intelligence of her children without dogmatism, isolation or rigidity. 


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