Fear & Intuition in Birth:

Tools for Discerning Authentic Fear from Instinctive Knowing


Yolande Norris-Clark


Fear is an emotion, an instinct, a sense, a feeling, and so much more.


Fear can be one of our most powerful allies, or one of our greatest adversaries.


Fear is essential to our survival in multiple ways. It's also one of the primary motivating factors that shapes the kind of choices we make in birth.


The way we manage fear (or allow it to manage us) can have a profound impact on our birth experience in every way. 


Join acclaimed birth-activist, speaker, and writer Yolande Norris-Clark in this informational salon taking place *Live* on Saturday July 23rd, at 3pm CST. (The salon will be recorded for anyone who can't make it at that time)


I'm no stranger to fear leading up to birth (and during birth). Despite having given birth to nine babies (all of which were born at home, entirely outside of the medical/ midwifery system) fear has been a factor for me during each of my pregnancies. 

I've also worked with thousands of mothers over the past 20 years as a birth consultant, homebirth witness, and mentor, and the mechanics of fear during pregnancy and birth-- in particular the all-important skill of differentiating fear from intuition-- has been one of the primary areas of coaching.  What I've found is that working with the mechanics of fear doesn't have to be hard (or scary!), and that most of us *can* learn to efficiently recognize whether we're in danger, or if we're playing out an unhelpful fear-pattern or program, and shift that to our benefit.



 In this interactive 2-hour long session, join Yo as she shares the most potent tools and approaches she has employed in her 20 years of mothering and birth-work, for discerning limiting fears & self-sabotage from those profoundly important safety and survival signals. 


This workshop is perfect for soon-to-be new and experienced mothers and birth workers, and anyone interested in working powerfully with fear.


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