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HYGEIA: Heal Your Self, Heal Your Children with the Biological Principles of GHF

A two-part, pre-recorded workshop (including a whole library of additional resources & bonuses) with Yolande Norris-Clark on Self-Healing During Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood using Hamer’s Germanic Healing Framework.


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 Are you ready to finally break free from your residual dependency on the medical industrial complex and learn how to implement the most powerful tools for maintaining your children’s vitality, setting them up for lifelong health, and supporting the resolution of dis-ease (in yourself and your kids)?


In this 2-part pre-recorded workshop (over 7 hours), renowned birth maven, author, and mother of (soon-to-be) 10 children, Yolande Norris-Clark will introduce you to GNM and self-healing like you’ve never encountered it before.


This bundle will give you a foundational understanding of the principles of self-healing, along with the primary tools of this approach and how to immediately apply them to your life and circumstances. This is a profoundly effective model for maintaining lifelong wellness; a perspective that will change your understanding not only of health, dis-ease, and recalibration, but will reorient you on the path of confident, fully embodied Motherhood.


Join Yolande Norris-Clark, for an afternoon dedicated to exploring the cognitive software she herself has implemented for the past decade and more, that has allowed her to live and heal entirely outside of the industrial medical realm (while supporting her children in the same) with ease, softness, and power in every context.


Join us to Reclaim and Re-member Your Inherent Healing Power.



Freebirth in Contrast Bundle

Purchase the Freebirth in Contrast Bundle and get access to:

  • The hour-long video documentary of Yolande’s eighth birth—one of the scariest, hardest, darkest, most humbling experiences of her life…
  • AND the video documentary video of Yolande’s ninth birth two years later—a totally pain-free ecstatic birth that was distinct from the one that came before in every way.
  • Yo’s “Birth in Bliss” Workshop
  • Her acclaimed “Geriatric Pregnancy” Salon (packed with information and perspectives on prenatal testing, risk, and safety— relevant for every woman, not just for “older” mums)




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Surrogacy, IVF & Reproductive Tech:

In this 2 hour pre-recorded Salon, we traverse the controversial, charged, *and* wildly important topic of Surrogacy & IVF from my own personal lens & philosophy (and the heaps of research and studies I’ve done of these subjects over the years).

This Salon covers the distinctions between surrogacy within and outside of families, commercial and “unpaid” surrogacy, egg and sperm-donation, IVF, along with the politics, the programming, the nuances, and the cult-rituals that have constructed the normalization of the industry, not to mention ecto-genesis (artificial wombs—they’re almost here) and what freebirth has to do with it.

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Geriatric Pregnancy:

Calling all you elderly, wizened pre-crones!

As a mother who recently gave birth to my ninth baby at the age of 40 
(and no, I’m probably not done yet), and a birth-consultant and witness of 20 years, I’ve heard it all. In this pre-recorded 2.5 hour Salon, I shared everything I know and believe about pregnancy after the age of 35, as well as my personal philosophy on mothering, age, beauty, death, and energetic sovereignty.

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Positioning & Shoulder Dystocia:

Join acclaimed birth-activist, speaker, and writer Yolande Norris-Clark as she dismantles many of the myths surrounding positioning and shoulder dystocia, that a) keep women in a state of fear and dependency on the industrial obstetric and midwifery systems, and b) keep midwives practising from a fear-based birth-as-pathology/ midwife-as-saviour perspective. 

Whether you’re a mother preparing for a homebirth, or a midwife, doula, or birthkeeper wanting to advance your learning (and shift your belief from the mechanistic vortex of false-authority to an authentic understanding of the physiology of birth) this Salon is for you.

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Fear & Intuition in Birth:

Tools for Discerning Authentic Fear from Instinctive Knowing

In this 2-hour interactive Salon, Join Yolande as she shares the most potent tools and approaches she has employed in her 20 years of mothering and birth-work, for discerning limiting fears & self-sabotage from those profoundly important safety and survival signals. A workshop for mothers, birth workers, and anyone interested in working powerfully with fear.

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GET THE WILD PREGNANCY BUNDLE (and get over 60% off)

Purchase The Wild Pregnancy Bundle and get access to the following 3 Salons:

  • Geriatric Pregnancy
  • Fear & Intuition in Birth
  • Positioning & Shoulder Dystocia

My divine life purpose is to dispel the myth that childbirth is an ordeal from which we must be “delivered,” and to guide women to remembering birth as the catalyst that it is for insight, self-love, healing, and spiritual evolution. This bundle will help you Dispel the Myths, Find Your Centre, Claim Your Power.

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P0RN Culture, TransHumanism, & Love:

Protecting Your Family's Health in an Age of Exploitation & Depravity

Exploitative sexual programming is almost all-pervasive in our culture. In this Salon, Yolande discusses how she protects her marriage and her kids from this form of mind-control without isolation, dogmatism, or rigidity.

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Dep#p & Ascension

Population Control is a program that is being run via multiple directions and modalities including medical, environmental, and on the level of policy. In this Salon, Yolande discusses the practical, energetic, and spiritual measures she takes to protect her family.

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A Modest Proposal

This salon includes Yolande's reading of Jonathan Swift's original "A Modest Proposal", as well as her own two satirical videos inspired by Swift, "Fat Pass", and "The Fat of the Land". This is the perfect package for literary buffs, or homeschooling parents of teens.

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Purchase the Modern Proposal Bundle and get access to:

  • Dep#p & Ascension
  • A Modest Proposal

For literature fans, analyze Jonathan Swift's satire "A Modest Proposal" with Yolande, and then see how population control is prevalent today. Walk away with awareness and methods of protection, practical, energetic, and spiritual, for your family.

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Costa Rica Seminar

Thinking of moving to Costa Rica? Get Yolande's extensive take on the pros and cons and political atmosphere of Costa Rica based on her 10 months of living in that country.

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GRAB ALL OF YOLANDE'S SALONS FROM 2021-2023 (and save 17%)

Purchase the Full Bundle and get access to:

  • Costa Rica Seminar
  • A Modest Proposal
  • Dep#p & Ascension
  • Fear & Intuition in Birth
  • P0RN Culture, TransHumanism, & Love
  • Positioning & Shoulder Dystocia
  • Geriatric Pregnancy
  • Surrogacy, IVF & Reproductive Tech
  • HYGEIA: Heal Your Self, Heal Your Children with the Biological Principles of GHF
  • PLUS, you'll also receive her "Freebirth in Contrast" two-part birth documentary bundle as well.
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