1:1 mentorship has always been (and continues to be) one of the most potent paths to growth and learning for me as a pupil, and it’s an honour to serve as an elder and mentor to other women in my sphere who are choosing to grow up and into their power.


Every roadblock, blind-spot, and area of friction in our lives is a mind+body+psyche+spirit issue.


Our physical symptoms and state, as well as our environment (external and internal) are inextricable from what’s happening for us on the level of the subconscious and the etheric. I love entering into a relational dynamic with other women that can allow for a gentle and loving collaborating quarrying of the self, to find the prism of perspective and self-responsibility.


I’m always open to sharing freely of my own experiences of discord, reverence, and emergence, all of which provide the context for the women I work with to re-create themselves according to the frequency of the deepest resonance and purpose in their own lives.


I offer a very deliberate, intimate container for working 1:1 with select clients.


This allows for the spaciousness required to develop the kind of sustained, connected relationship that will best facilitate your elevation & evolution as a woman, mother, and a human.


Interwoven through my method is my study in the Germanic Self-Healing Framework, Hypnosis, neuro-plasticity, energy craft, and extensive work coaching in the context of significant trauma.


My approach is one that combines steadfast devotion, love, and witnessing, with incisive compassionate truth-telling; a merging of intellect and spirit to hold you as you discover what you’re ready to let go of, shatter, nurture, attune to, surrender into, embody, and become.


My intention is for you to leave our sessions with clarity, and a deep reverence for your innate intelligence, your resilience, and with a powerful set of intellectual, energetic, and embodiment tools that will serve you as you continue to come into re-alignment and reclamation.


Both my two-session packages and long-term packages include email and text support for the duration of our relationship.



I offer 1:1 coaching in the follow three broad areas:




Pregnancy & Birth Planning

Support and resourcing for freebirth or homebirth, holistic perspectives & information on specific issues pertaining to pregnancy including the RH factor, diagnostics, ultrasound, due dates, and birth planning in general.


Childbirth Energetics

Tools, processes, and choices for facilitating your own birth-in-bliss, pain evaporation and transmutation, and the dissolution of fear during birth.


Birth-Trauma Integration

Listening with devotion, witnessing you with love, and if desired, providing angles for a holistic reinterpretation of your power, as you unpack and unravel your birth story.


Mothering with Ease

Working with the dynamics of your family situation to direct the flow of energy and claim your position as graceful leader; cultivating gentle [self] discipline, humour, and supporting the resolution of sibling conflict and rivalry; peaceful toilet-learning; breastfeeding & weaning.


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Pregnancy & Birth-Related Health 

Pregnancy can feel like a foreign landscape. From morning sickness, to changes to the structure and balance of our bodies, GHK and belief work can help to make the experience of motherhood easy and joyful.


Pelvic Lattice Restoration

I know from my own pelvic lattice healing journey that neuro-somatic energetic work can significantly impact the healing of pelvic organ prolapse postpartum and sexual wellness.


Pain & Chronic Illness 

Biological conflict investigation, GHK, and neuro-somatic integration can be a profound path to healing chronic illness and dissolving pain.


Nourishment & Nutrition 

Food is irrelevant, nourishment is everything, and nutrition is widely misunderstood. Learning the energetics of eating in combination with GHK allowed me to heal my gut, my food sensitivities, and 


Allergies & Childhood Issues 

Parenting in the age of population control can be intense, but there are so many ways we can protect our children from harm, and help them overcome allergies and reactions to environmental damage. 






Business Direction Visioning

Your business (birth-related or otherwise) is an extension of you--a reflection of who you are and your energetic time signature. I adore shepherding women with gentle rigour through the process of discovering exactly how to transmit the energetic nucleus of their singular gifts, with ardor and ease. 


Writing, Editing & Auditing

Birth-business copywriting is one of my superpowers. I offer 2-session website audits and eloquent bespoke copy-creation and editing for discerning clients.


Abundance & Flow

Money can be fun and easy. No need to learn this the hard way, like I did. You have every right to let it flow--it's a joy for me to show you how.


Easy Social Media Systems

In an era of social media overwhelm, repetition, appropriation, censorship, attacks, and ennui, the law of social media success is energetic innocence, ease, and the deepest truth. Are you afraid of the mob? Talk to me.


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